Story About Us

We're the founders and designers of Sketchline!

And that’s all what Sketchline Designs is about. We breathe architecture, we love art and we live design. Living by this passion for architecture and interior designing, we work on the philosophy that a space should reflect the personality of its occupant through its design.

Understanding the client and their needs is the very first step in our design process, because we believe design starts right from the very first interaction with our clients. It’s the words they say, the thoughts they possess and the personality they display that carves the design for their space. And that helps us in turning their dream-space into reality, be it a room, a house or their workplace.

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Adorable Home & Workplaces

Sketchline designers always start with the person who's going to use an home or office and ask, "what can we do to make this person's life better, easier or more comfortable?" We have always used this philosophy when we design our works. So, while other designers might start with technology and try to squeeze people in around it, we begin by designing homes or offices around you. We ask what you need, and then use our technical, artistic skills to make your life easier, better, safer and more beautiful. Form follows function, and when we design homes or offices inside and out with people in mind, it looks naturally beautiful. We believe that looking at and interacting with our sketchline designs should make you feel great, everyday.

Interior Design

We believe every home should give out a feel-good factor from its every corner. And that can come through a design that is striking, warm and timeless on one hand, and functional on the other. A pure reflection of only its residents, a house should have a design that’s cohesive, elegant and that flows in a well-balanced and harmonious rhythm throughout the house.

Architectural Design

A commercial space on the other hand needs to be more versatile in terms of functionality, design appeal and flexibility. It needs to be designed such that it provides value to its users, owners and everyone associated with the business that it hosts.

Pure Passion, nothing else.

Sketchline Designs is a very professional and young Interior Design Studio. We craft the metal that melts your soul.